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100 Video Sites Every Educator Should Bookmark

Adding captions to use YouTube videos

Six easy ways for students to create videos onlineThere is a screen cast movie for using Animoto.

Domo Animate


Xtranormal: Text to movie making
Text to speech movie making. You can also watch, share or embed other movies already made. Choose set, characters and a voice from a range of international accents.
More help with xtranormal
Want more detail explanations to making an XtraNormal, then watch this YouTube video
Here is Mme. T movie:Le déjeuner

Preservice teachers make me a "thank you" movie for their workshop. (I was truly touched by this.)

How To:
The Digital Classroom Animoto
Another MmeT. production:Le Petit Prince

Another MmeT. production: UNC 2009

Another MmeT. production:Visitez La France

  • One True Media helps you turn your photos and video into slideshows and video montages for free. There is a 100 mg free upload per month. Can only upload pictures with free account. But if you change a powerpoint to (save as : jpg), then slides become photos and can be used.

another MmeT. production: Les Vacances

another MmeT production:Differentiation
(change a powerpoint to a series of jpg photos)

  • PhotoPeach: Create a lively and vivid way slideshow by moving your photos like a video with your choice of background music, captions on each photo.
Here is another MmeT production: J'adore Paris!
J'adore Paris! on PhotoPeach

  • Devolver: an easy moviemaker with characters and scenes already available. Just add text.

  • Stupeflix:Stupeflix is a site that turns your pictures, videos, and text into videos.

another MmeT. production:La Gare

Yodio: Use Yodio to add your stories to your photos or presentations by recording to your phone and then uploading pictures. Record from your phone-FREE TO RECORD, FREE TO PUBLISH, FREE TO SHARE