Miscellaneous tools

Miscellaneous Tools

BeelineTV: Free Online Television Channels from around the world.

Free Text-to-Voice translation demo by SitePal – Virtual talking people

Mindmapping tools

Scribd: Share and Publish Documents

Slideshare: Publish and share PowerPoints

Study Stack electronic flashcards

Resources and Activities

Geobeats:Guided review tours of many places around the world.

Special Ed strategies for FL

Make your own Jeopardy games

Big Huge Labs-do interesting with pictures like making a trading card, a movie poster, calendars, cubes

Culture-crossing site:a guide to customs, traditions, etc. in many countries:excellent resources to use for class

Make yourself into an Avatar

Make a screecast: ScreenJelly

Blog with a series of ppt to offer ideas to use tech in classroom

100 helpful web tools for every kind of learner

Webtools4u2Use: site filled with great resources

Web 2.0 for the Classroom teacher

Convert PDF files to word

Reflection page: put a sticky note post on this Wallwisher talking about on thing you learned.

Learn more about Wallwisher


Speedanki: Welcome to Speedanki, an interactive flashcard system for memorizing Japanese kanji and vocabulary for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Though designed for the JLPT, the system is useful to anyone looking to develop their Japanese reading ability.