ACTFL Tech Integration Workshop

Presenter: Toni Theisen, ACTFL Teacher of the Year 2009

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Global Language Education: Learning the Lingo

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In 2009 a small group of world language educators from across the country

discussed the idea of creating a series of presentations and workshops

to present at world language professional development events

across the country. So in 2010 we are presenting at conference across

the country in a face to face venue. In 2011, we hope to take this idea

to an online (un)conference.

Loveland, CO-La Réole,France
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  9. SDCOE 21st century Professional Development Plan

San Diego Schools handout: March 25, 26, 29. 2010:

San Diego School District Administrators San Diego, California, March 25, 2010


21st Century Skills and Abilities. “A description of 21st Century Skills is a synthesis of the essential abilities students must apply in today’s rapidly changing world." These essential skills are as follows:
• Critical thinking and reasoning (e.g., problem solving, analysis, logic, and cause/effect)
• Information literacy (e.g., knowledge acquisition, source discernment, and systems management)
• Collaboration (e.g., synergy, team resourcing, social skills, leadership)
• Self-direction (e.g., adaptability, initiative, personal responsibility, work ethic, self-advocacy)
• Invention (e.g., creativity, innovation, integration of ideas)

The Networked Teacher

The 21st Century Networked Teacher

Source: Alec Couros:

5 Questions for Planning Successful Web-Based Activities
1. What is the curriculum related purpose of the activity? The outcome or assessment should be aligned to your lesson objectives and standards.
2. Does the Internet enhance the activity? If the answer is no, find a more appropriate place to integrate the web.
3. How will students use the online resources? Once students locate information, they should be asked to apply, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, or create. The activity should require them to move to higher levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.
4. Do students have necessary information analysis/information synthesis skills or am I including these in instruction? The project should not become simply an exercise in locating information. Students must have the necessary background knowledge and pre-requisite skills to complete higher level tasks or these must be included in instruction prior to the web-based learning activity.
5. Do I have the necessary time and support for the activity? Double your original time estimate and always have access to technical support to resolve problems efficiently.

Great summary of 21st century skills