Digital Storytelling

Tools and Ideas for digital storytelling.

Digital Storytelling Tools for Educators by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano-Free book download

Seven Elements for Digital Storytelling
Point of View
Dramatic Question
Emotional Content
Your Voice
Sound Track

Many digital storytelling resources

Building Communication and Digital Literacy in the Classroom with Digital Storytelling

Digitales: The art of making a story: Digital Media Scoring Guides First choose one of the following communication types and then customize your scoring guide by checking ONLY the traits and elements you want to use at this time. Click on each keyword for descriptors.

Use this diagram to help you picture the role that each of the 7 Elements of Digital Storytelling play.
Fifty Tools to use for digital story telling
Cogdogblog: 50 best web tools to create web-based stories
More Digital storytelling sourcesUsing Photostory3-Microsoft-PC