"How to" sheets for many tools.

21st century tools booklets of explications
Starter Sheets

How to make guides-Use them so you can learn or edit them so students can follow the directions.

How to make a Wordle:external image msword.png Wordle-How to for presentation 2009.doc
How to make a Piclits:external image msword.png PicLits How to for presentation.doc
How to make a Wikispace: external image msword.png How to make a wikispace.doc
How to make a Voki: external image msword.png How to make a Voki(2).doc
How to make a Toondoo: external image msword.png How to make a Toondoo 2008 .doc

How to make a VoiceThread:


How to use Voicethread slide tutorial

How to use Glogster: Thanks to @russeltarr
how to use Glogster

Wiki: Participatory media lesson plans by Howard Rheingold

These are a series of small lesson plans (I call them "labs") I've used as assignments for my students. These pages serve as more permanent reminders of what I show them during the face to face class meeting, as assignments, and as resource pages for further learning. Please feel free to add your own.